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If i am not wrong, Grammarly is the best grammar checker tool online. To make your content Grammar errors free, this premium tool really the best friend to check your Contents.

Mainly, here we will share the discounts of Grammarly Premium Plan. Currently, Grammarly discounts available in their all three plans.

To subscribe under the Grammarly premium plans the company share discounts on their Pricing link. You have to just visit their discount pricing link. One of the true about Grammarly discount is Grammaly doesn’t provide any Coupon code. So, many people search for coupon code or promo code but there are no coupon codes. So, most of the coupon code on Online that sharing by many it’s really fake, If you click on them for coupon code then you can see that, they said no coupon code required.

Normally, Grammarly Annual Plan much cheaper then any other plan & this is the best discount offer by Grammarly. Grammarly Annual price was $14.58/month & with the discounted price it’s only $11.66/month. This annual plan much popular to the Online marketers & many students prefer this annual plan.

$29.95/ month
$11.66/ month
Billed as one payment of $139.95 USD
$19.98/ month
Billed as one payment of $59.95 USD

Use for free

If you want to use Grammarly grammar checker for free, Here grammarly offer the free browser application. It’s totally free with the initial features of the software.

As a part of Grammarly free user you check your grammars and the wrong spellings as well. Recently, Grammarly free browser Extension available for Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Installation of the free version quite easy to be done. When you landed on the Grammalry website then you can see the Button like “Add to Firefox” (As a Firefox user) & click on the button and complete the simple signup process. Finally, it will be added to the browser Extension. If you want to stop the plugin for a certain time just go to the browser add-ons and click for disable it.

Vocabulary Enhancement

There are many features that surely make your job more easier. One of the features of Grammarly is Vocabulary Enhancement. When you write article the plugin scan the whole article & find the Words that are surely repeated again & again. The main amazing thing is, it will suggest different words with the same meaning as your choice. Finally, you can replace those words just clicking on the new word. It’s just easy to do.

Plagiarism Checker

Another great feature Grammarly offers is plagiarism detection. There are many plagiarism checker tool but Grammarly is the premium tool. Surely, you can get accurate result from other tool as well. For testing check a article by Free tool called Small SEO tool then check it with Grammarly plagiarism checker tool. I think you will able to see the difference. So, check your contents that original or copied.

Microsoft tools Integration

When you add the add-ons in the browser that time the Grammarly software automatically linkup in Every editing interface & any Microsoft writing tools like MS Office, Gmail & other tools as well. You just writing you contents & grammarly check the errors.

Over to You

Grammarly grammar checker tool is the World best Grammar checker tool ever you seen. This useful tool using by thousands of online marketers and surely the smart students as well to complete their class jobs.

You may agree with me to write error free writing for our customers when it comes content marketing. If the content contain full of mistakes then you will loss your full hard working. So it’s necessary to write user errors free contents. Hope, The discount of Grammarly help you save some money & use Grammarly premium tool.

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